Glocal Coaching offers coaching solutions focused on obtaining clear and measurable results, aimed at bringing about positive, effective and sustainable behavioral and attitudinal changes.

Quality Coaching

What does Glocal Coaching do for you?

Glocal Coaching offers proven quality coaches with maximum guarantees, thanks to an exclusive process developed to ensure the excellence of our solutions.

We have a team of coaches certified by the main international associations, with extensive experience in executive and team coaching processes, and who have developed their previous professional careers in organizations from different sectors, always in positions of responsibility.

Both the previous professional careers of our coaches and their specializations within their permanent training and knowledge expansion, allow us to offer to coach for specific sectors and with very diverse styles. We have coaches specialized in Sales, Personal Productivity, Marketing, Pharmaceutical Sector, Advertising, Automotive, Art, Information Technology, Aeronautical Sector, Consulting, Recruitment, etc., with very varied coaching styles, from challenging to conciliatory, including motivational and integrative coaching, etc.

Benefits of Coaching

What Glocal Coaching brings

Coaching is a conversational, confidential and voluntary process, in which a coach accompanies a professional, a team or an organization on the road to achieving their goals, facilitating the development of their potential, the improvement of their performance and satisfaction and the achievement of extraordinary results.

Coaching is not training, consulting, mentoring or counseling. The coach does not teach, advise or counsel, because he/she considers that the client with whom he/she is working is the one who knows the most about the specific situation he/she is dealing with. Therefore, a quality coach will use mostly conversational resources to release that knowledge, provide his client with a greater awareness of his possibilities of choice and accompany him in the discovery of those actions chosen by himself that he wishes to implement to achieve his goals.

The benefits of quality coaching offered by Global Coaching are many, among which we highlight:

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Improves performance and productivity at work, as it develops responsibility, autonomy, commitment and the ability to reflect in order to make the right decisions.

Develops managerial and leadership skills and competencies.

Constructively generates agreements and consensus to obtain positive results and open new possibilities oriented to action.

Contributes to the identification, development and retention of talent in organizations.

Improves the effectiveness of communication and relationships between people, teams and departments, promoting respect and happiness at work through a more satisfactory work environment that favors professional development.

Develops creativity and innovation through a work environment in which ideas and participation are encouraged, success and effort are recognized, and mistakes are seen as useful and necessary learning for professional growth.

Provides tools to achieve more autonomous and confident professionals, capable of finding effective responses to unexpected situations, promoting problem solving with initiative and originality.

Develops flexibility and the ability to adapt to change, which is essential for the survival of organizations.

Consolidates diversity of thought and points of view as a strength for organizations and teams, which enriches the ability to approach projects successfully, the understanding between professionals and decision making.


Delivery Formats

All Glocal Coaching solutions can be delivered virtually, face-to-face or in combination, achieving a high degree of versatility and adaptability to the human and logistical needs of each organization.

Coaching ROI


The data on the return on investment in coaching processes are truly spectacular. Studies carried out by several consulting firms, universities, associations and other organizations show that investment in coaching processes is highly profitable.

Atesora Group coaches are experts in generating contexts for participants to increase their level of awareness, so that they realize that the results they are achieving are a direct function of their behaviors, and that they can change those behaviors by modifying them. This makes it easy for them to choose to learn as a means to increase their results.

From Atesora Group we provide the possibility of assisting in the definition of specific Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of measurement, in order to facilitate the accurate assessment of the defined areas of competencies and skills.

Measuring for the sustainability of changes

Like the rest of Atesora Group’s interventions, our coaching processes are characterized by the convenience of measuring results to determine their effectiveness.

Glocal Coaching helps by designing and using tools for monitoring and measuring specific KPIs for each process. This ensures that the positive impact of the sessions is sustainable.


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