Our coaching processes contemplate all the variables to make its success, quality and profitability viable.

Executive Coaching

Executive development is a business necessity for any organization that wants to be prepared to obtain positive results, adapt to the environment successfully and generate a high level of satisfaction among its customers and employees.

Executive Coaching is a very powerful resource to achieve this. It is a process of individualized, voluntary and confidential accompaniment aimed at valuable professionals and managers within the organization. The purpose is to develop skills and modify behaviors to optimize performance and personal satisfaction, boosting their performance, enhancing their talents and working on their areas of improvement.

Team Coaching​

Team Coaching is a highly effective resource to build emotionally intelligent teams oriented to become high performance collectives.

We consider teams as dynamic, living human systems, with their own personality, emotions, climate and vision. They have their own culture, with characteristic values and operating rules that have a strong influence on what the team does and how it does it.

In Glocal Coaching we work with the team as a “whole”, as a system of relationships and interactions that decisively influence its functioning, and that united and focused towards a common goal is much more powerful than the sum of the people who compose it.

Our Team Coaching processes are based on experiential learning as a method to internalize it effectively and quickly. Through our interventions we aim to:

Establish a common language that enables the effective coordination of actions

Recognize the importance of conversations for the achievement of results

Identify conflicts and learn how to resolve them

Foster team spirit and awareness and diversity of thought as a source of wealth and success

Develop a leadership style aligned with the needs and objectives of the team to generate trust and commitment among its members

Stimulate the sense of belonging to the Team and the Organization, its values and culture

Group Coaching

Group Coaching is a collective coaching model in which we accompany a group in a process of individual development and learning, working on specific issues that interest all participants and on which they want to grow and improve.

A Group Coaching process can include members of different teams, departments or organizations. The participation of all members of a group contributes providing a multiple approach, based on the richness of different points of view, which is essential when reflecting and learning about the topic being worked on in the process. It is very effective to awaken creativity, find new solutions, and even work on several topics simultaneously, with the contribution of all the members of the group.

In Group Coaching the coach intervenes individually with each member of the group, while alternating the participation and intervention of all participants, taking advantage of their experiential capital.

R3 Coaching

Coaching R3 or Relationship Regeneration Coaching for Results is an exclusive service of Glocal Coaching.

It consists of a process of accompaniment for professionals and managers created as a highly effective mediation platform to unblock serious and entrenched communication and/or relationship problems.

R3 Coaching focuses on the relationship between two or more people who are in a situation of conflict. It works with the whole system of relationships, so that each participant can become aware of how his or her behavior also influences and conditions the others, each being fully co-responsible for the climate that is generated in the system.

Glocal Coaching’s R3 Coaching, as any kind of quality coaching, is based on respect, confidentiality and trust, essential to open the necessary conversations aimed at restoring the system of relationships from the tools and distinctions offered by Coaching.

Shadow Coaching

It is the Coaching performed by the coach when he accompanies his client (coachee) in person or virtually in a specific situation, with the purpose of facilitating the development of his professional performance.

The coach accompanies and observes live – as a shadow, without intervening – the coachee’s performance and, once the coachee’s interaction is over, gives him/her feedback so that he/she can become positively aware of his/her areas of improvement and immediately establishes a very specific action plan, which he/she will put into practice in the next interaction.

This is extremely effective training, because it is efficient and immediate, in which the client benefits from:

The objective “mirroring”, equivalent to a video of your interaction

The power of the immediacy of the feedback you receive

The establishment of a very specific action plan

The possibility to put it into practice immediately in the next interaction

At Glocal Coaching we use it frequently in commercial environments, where the coach accompanies a salesperson during their working day to observe how they perform their work. The coach gives immediate feedback on what is observed at the end of each visit and they agree on the behavioral changes to be implemented in the next one. It is also in great demand by sales managers who want to develop this same skill – Shadow Coaching – with their sales reps.

It can also be used in other professional environments with managers, bosses or collaborators who need a rigorous, effective and specialized observation of their performance. For example, public speaking, managing meetings, negotiating, etc.

Coachplacement: the effective model


For several decades, outplacement has been considered the responsible solution used by organizations that decide to dismiss one or more employees.

The main purposes for which an organization launches an outplacement program are:

For the employee: to facilitate outplacement

For HR: to minimize employee attrition and conflict

For the organization: to increase its productivity and corporate reputation

The traditional outplacement programs offered by the market have limited effectiveness because they focus mainly on the preparation and marketing phases, i.e., on what has been the individual’s career and offer him/her some tools to help him/her relocate.

These programs tend to tiptoe around one of the phases that brings the most value to an individual’s career transition process, the Self-Analysis phase: an extraordinary opportunity to analyze one’s own profile, reflect on one’s career path up to the present moment and, from there, accurately design the future of the career one wants to enjoy. This phase focuses on what the individual can and wants to be.

The COACHPLACEMENT team is made up of expert Executive Coaching practitioners, learning facilitators and Career Transition consultants, and our main function is to support managers and middle managers to Clarify, Design and Execute their professional future.