Incorporating the gender perspective in the organizational culture is necessary, but it is not always easy.

At Atesora Group we offer you several solutions to face this challenge because we understand diversity as a potential to be exploited.

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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I)

Diversity is a source of wealth. The more diverse an organization is, the more knowledge, experience and complementary perspectives it has, which allows for greater adaptability and risk reduction.

Thanks to the inclusion of differences, each person is valued for what he or she is and can contribute in his or her own right. In this way, the available potential is maximized… Why not use it all?

It is not enough just to be diverse; it is necessary to be aware of what these differences contribute and to promote a culture that allows them to be integrated.

Gender Diversity – Why?

Gender is one of the most relevant aspects of diversity. Integrating it brings new values and presents important advantages for organizations.

The complexity and ambiguity characteristic of today’s organizational environments requires developing versatility to the maximum.

Optimizing gender diversity and its effective inclusion allows to broaden the variety of perspectives, profiles and talents and thus improve the value offered to the client with more adapted and effective solutions and results.

Benefits of Gender Diversity

Enrich organizational culture by broadening leadership styles.

Improve the capacity for innovation and adaptation by encouraging a variety of profiles and perspectives.


Promote greater commitment based on participation and inclusion of differences.

To be an attractive employer that promotes and recognizes the gender perspective and fosters an equitable culture.

What will you achieve with our programs?

Become aware of your organization’s level of maturity with respect to gender diversity.

Provide self-leadership skills to generate an effective change in the people of the organization.

Identify and manage gender-related barriers and provide resources to act on them.

To implement gender diversity strategies that promote an effective and real balance.

Promote a space from which to share reflections, experiences and learning unique to the reality of your organization.

We not only want to help you comply with legal and ethical imperatives, but also achieve competitive advantage, improved organizational performance and positive social impact.

Every organization is at a certain phase in the development of diversity. At Atesora Group we are experts in identifying, designing and facilitating solutions that meet present needs.

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Collective awareness

There is awareness of the arguments in favor of DE&I and the organization is starting to include them in the priorities of Human Resources and Managers.

Some initial steps have been taken to determine where the company is in terms of DE&I, some local initiatives have been launched and are being monitored to broaden their scope.

Promotion to key groups

First proactive steps towards developing a more inclusive culture.

Use of DE&I concepts is growing and there is communication about DE&I at all levels of the organization.

Managers recognize the benefits of diversity and implement strategies to create an inclusive work environment.

First corporate initiatives, policies and practices have been introduced.

Strategic implementation

DE&I is fully integrated into the strategy and day-to-day business.

The organization is committed to creating an environment that supports DE&I, and promotes the right behaviors to do so.

Specific targets are set and progress is monitored.

There is a firm commitment at all levels to maintain cultural change and ensure that DE&I is reflected in all behaviors, processes and practices within the company.


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Mentoring for Gender Diversity

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For the development and implementation of the program we have a team of senior coaches and facilitators, certified by the main international professional coaching associations (ICF, EMCC, etc.), with extensive and prestigious professional experience, both in the world of DE&I and in management positions in companies promoting Equality Plans. This gives them first-hand knowledge of the challenges that professionals, managers and teams face on a daily basis, which enables them to design and execute solutions with the highest level of quality.