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The only thing that guarantees a different result is behavioral and attitudinal change.

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The circumstances we are living in have accelerated in an unforeseen way the socio-technological evolution expected for the coming years. What… Read more

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Coaching has become an essential competency package in 21st century leadership. More and more organizations are taking coaching as a… Read more

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Development of High Performance Teams (DEAR)

A group becomes a team when each of its members feels so confident in themselves and in the value of their collaboration that they recognize and.. Read more

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Regeneration of Work Teams (REDET)

There are occasions in which a consolidated team, which has been collaborating for a long time and achieving satisfactory results, may have… Read more

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High Impact Team Building

Teams that collaborate together experience a multitude of situations in which empathy, a sense of cohesion, and a sense of…. Read more

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Cultural Change Management

Although every system aspires to homeostasis (equilibrium), any human system is permanently involved in change. Many of the… Read more

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MINItalleres is a learning space based on the One Skill Focus methodology that seeks to develop the competencies of a company’s people in a… Read more

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When it comes to carrying out an intervention, having an effective diagnosis of the initial and final situation makes it possible to know the gap of…. Read more

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Conferences and Experiential Meetings

On many occasions, organizations need to hold meetings of varying levels of complexity, the objectives of which may range from mere… Ver más

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